Don’t forget to check out the 2011 Korean FilmFestival starting this September 19 and ending on October 2. This will be held in three different venues: SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Cebu.

There will be seven featured films that each reflect a distinct aspect of love hence the festival’s theme of “7 Different Colors of Love”. These movies include “Hwang Jin-Yi” (황진이), “Secret Reunion” (의형제), “For Eternal Hearts” (별빛 속으로), “Christmas in August” (8월의 크리스마스), “Speedy Scandal” (과속스캔들), The Happy Life (줄거은 인생), and “My Dear Enemy” (멋진 하루).

I’ll post individual reviews for each movie in the following days so you can decide which ones to watch. Personally, I think the movies are quite well-chosen in terms of variety. But of course, I have my own favorites as well. I’ll reveal what I think of each movie soon. Considering that this is going to be held in high-traffic malls (unlike Shangri-La which has fewer people but still long lines), I don’t think it would be easy to catch all of the 7 movies in succession. Unless you have a press pass (which I am still waiting for from a friend). Hence, my upcoming individual posts to guide you in picking the movie that can make you happy.

One more thing, if you’re attending this film festival,  please make sure that you behave properly during each screening. I’ve been present at all the major film festivals this year (French Film Festival, Japanese Film Festival, Silent Film Festival) and nothing pisses me off than rude cinema goers. I’ve even been beside some ill-bred person who actually answered a call and sent SMS during the Japanese Film Festival! Please! If you can’t appreciate the movie, just don’t go messing up other people’s movie-watching experience. And no, taking photos of the movie during the Silent Film Festival is not cool and artsy – it’s just rude and stupid.

Thanks to Betty Uy for the photo.


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