This post is dedicated to my hyung who loves Block B.

재형님 생일 축하합니다! 이 사진이 내 선물을 이에요! ^^

To be honest, I didn’t really know much about Block B before they went to the Philippines last Thursday, August 26 for the Visit Korea: Cultural Concert. So part of me felt guilty that I had extra tickets to first row seats for the event (As in really front row! Right in front of the stage!). But you all know how I promote Korean culture in all its forms in the Philippines so I was more than happy to be present – and to get the photos for my hyung (Ok, technically a friend got these photos since I really suck at taking pictures or videos big time. Remember my SS3 videos? Hence my love for borrowing videos and photos from others online. With proper credit of course.)

Block B performed after Miso The Musical ended. They opened with a powerful rendition of the song “Halo” which got the crowd really excited. I was actually quite surprised at the huge crowd of fans for Block B since they are relatively a new group that has yet to even release their album in the Philippines. In fact, a lot of my friends in Korea do not even know them yet (While we were chatting on Facebook, they were all asking “Who is Block B?” “Are they famous in the Philippines?”).

Their next song was “Tell Them”, which the fans sang along to (as you can see from the girl in this video). Again, I was in awe at how they knew the words to a song from a boy band I didn’t really know. I was really impressed. The energy of the group really got the crowd screaming and dancing along.

After their first songs, Block B sat for an interview with local Korean celebrity host, Grace Lee. I was totally distracted by Grace Lee because not only was she so beautiful but she also spoke in a weird Korean accent that was so Filipino! Her enunciation was so straight (Korean pronunciation has a lot of wavy up and down patterns) that it totally made her even more cute! Block B gamely answered her questions and the questions from fans who tweeted to Grace Lee.

During the interview, Block B also sang a song from Miso. I think this was such a beautiful gesture from them since this gave the spotlight back to the Miso Musical performers. Vocally, I don’t think Block B is such a powerful group and this was evident in this performance. But what made it great was their sincerity when they were singing the song.

Together with the lead actors from Miso The Musical, Block B also judged a dance cover competition that was won by Off Limits Crew. It was actually interesting how Block B watched and judged all the cover groups perform.

To close the night, Block B performed “Freeze”, the only song from them that I knew (I researched through YouTube before the concert!). This was the perfect song to cap off the concert as it was not just filled with energy but with spirit.

But when the fans started shouting for an encore, Block B obliged with a rousing performance of “Wanna B”. This totally got to the crowd as they could barely be restrained by the security people from standing from their seats to get a better glimpse of their idols. I was a bit annoyed because their voices were already overpowering the voices of Block B but at the same time, I was amazed by their passion for Block B.

I really wish Block B the best of luck in their career. I think their management company should consider releasing their album in the Philippines as they seem to have an impressive following here.Until next time Block B! I’ll B waiting! (Couldn’t help the B pun! ㅎㅎㅎ)

Thanks to summerwithrain for the videos.


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  1. julai says:

    I was there too! In the front rowXD

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