How many times have you seen an outfit, a photo, or even a tattoo with Korean characters on them? More often than not, these people don’t understand the Korean character on them. Just like this friend of mine, who even admitted that he didn’t know the meaning of these characters when he posted this photo. (These Korean characters are actually letters that represent the sound for h, j, r/l, and b)

I admit that it adds a cute Korean factor to the photo; but for those who can actually understand Korean, it’s like putting H, J, R, and L on a photo. It’s nonsensical and even a tad ridiculous. But still, my friend is lucky that these letters do not mean anything nasty or bad – and that this was only a photo.

Imagine if you got a tattoo that said “바보” (stupid), “”돼지” (pig), or worse, “엉덩이” (butt). So my suggestion, stay away from the Korean characters if you don’t understand them. Same goes for Japanese or Chinese characters. ^^


Thanks to for the video.


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  1. minmusic says:

    ooh i agree, I’ve seen a few like this around. It gets quite interesting. when i pick up my Korean learning books to see what they mean.

  2. Maxim says:

    I know Japanese and I’m white. I’m exempt.

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