The Korean Red Cross and the Philippine Red Cross have inked a Memorandum of Agreement that will strengthen and enhance the response to the changing needs for a multi-cultural society. Signing the agreement were Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon and Korean Red Cross President Yo Choong-Ha.

This move was partly prompted by the growing number of Korean men who marry Filipino women. As of 2009 alone, it has been projected that these are already around 6,000 of these multi-cultural couples in Korea.

The MOA will foster sharing of knowledge and resources in order to prevent these multi-cultural families from being vulnerable to the pressures from society at large. Both the Korean and Philippine Red Cross vowed to assist and support these families. By tapping both the Korean and Philippine representatives of the Red Cross, this will allow the possibility for better multi-cultural openness and support in both countries. It will also help Filipina wives to integrate and adapt more easily into Korean society.

This is definitely fantastic news for multi-cultural families in Korea. I’m glad that both countries have recognized how the Red Cross can actually play a big part in helping them adapt to a society that can sometimes be hurtful to those who are foreign to it.

Thanks to CTV News for the photo.

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