According to the official twitter account of the Miss Universe Pageant, Miss Korea Sora Chong and Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup are roommates for the duration of the pageant. They share their room with Miss Costa Rica. But the two Asian beauties seemed to be especially good friends as they have constantly been photographed together in several Miss Universe functions and events.

Miss Korea Sora Chong is an aspiring diplomat who can speak English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean fluently. She is a graduate of the Shanghai American School and is currently a student of the University of California Riverside. Meanwhile, Shamcey Supsup is a magna cum laude Architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Several selcas taken by Miss Korea (How typical! Ha ha ha!) of the two together show how they have such a warm and fun time together. It’s so funny how they seem to pose and take a photo of themselves whenever a mirror is around. ❤ ❤ ❤

I love how symbolic their friendship is, considering that Korea and the Philippines is enjoying a renewal in their diplomatic and cultural relations lately. And can I just say, they’re so cute together! I pray that either of the them win the Miss Universe crown this year!


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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. lapiskamay says:

    thanks for posting pictures of my estrange wife. hahaha. goodluck miss Philippines!

    • joon 준 says:

      Oh, so you’re the guy she married after we divorced and I married Miss Korea?! Ha ha ha! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I think Miss Philippines is such a fun and beautiful woman. ^^

      • lapiskamay says:

        ah so we are all with the miss philippines. haha.
        your welcome man, drop by in my account too. i have some interesting topics about our wife. hahaha.

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