The RaNia Live in Manila Fan Meet will now be held in Manila Ocean Park at 6pm of September 24, the day of T-ae’s birthday. It was initially scheduled to be held this August 20 at the Star Theater, Manila.

P3000 Gold Tickets and P1500 Silver Tickets are still available for those interested. Just contact Lyka at 09173509303 or Samuel at 09162215422. Do indicate your complete name, number of tickets that you wish to reserve, plus when you wish to claim it. They do regular meet-ups for claiming of tickets.

Thanks to Rania Live in Manila for the photo.


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  1. roxyisferox says:

    (Comment edited for profanity. I’ve mentioned this before roxy. Please don’t use uneducated words in my blog. I respect my readers, whatever their opinions may be. Thanks!) bakit ngayon ko lang alam to! I am so interested to these girls. i love them! their vocals are great, and very sexy.

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