Congratulations to TheSWAGph! This boys and girl dance cover group from the Philippines was named as one of the 2nd Runner-Up Winners in the 2NE1 Dance Cover Global Contest. This contest attracted hundreds of entries from around the world of groups doing a dance cover video of 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”.

Their video features really slick style and attitude that definitely captures 2NE1’s image. They are the only group from the Philippines that made it into the winners’ circle. Because of this, they won US$300 worth of Adidas products and 1 autographed 2NE1 costume.

And can I just say that all the haters and sore losers who kept complaining that most of the winners were chosen “only” because of their costumes, nice camera shots, and votes are just too blinded by their envy (that’s three points already!). This is not just about “dancing”. It’s about the whole package. Just like how 2NE1 is. They aren’t exactly the best dancing or singing Korean group out there but the creative totality of their package is simply stellar.

I think it’s totally wrong for people to say that the other losing groups had more “passion” and deserved to win more. The people who won had more than enough passion to really work hard on their dancing, their costumes, their videos, and even encouraged friends to vote for them. If that’s not passion, I don’t know what passion is.

Anyway, congratulations again TheSWAGph! This fan boy is proud of you!

Thanks to  for the video.


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