Among all Korean drinks, Binggrae Banana Milk is without a doubt my favorite. I bought this from Sunhan Mart in The Fort but I forgot how much since I bought so many drinks (I’ll be posting about them once I drink them). Binggrae Banana Milk has this yummy sweet taste that is just pure  heaven! It has a history of over 35 years but its flavor never gets old.

Banana Milk was originally created by Binggrae in response to the health crisis in the 70’s because it combined the nutritious goodness of milk with the healthy luxurious taste of bananas. Bananas tend to be very expensive in Korea so back in the 70’s, tasting bananas in milk was something that even the everyday Korean could aspire for. It eventually grew to become the leading drink in korean convenience stores.

Much nostalgia is attached to banana milk since people grew up drinking it. Even after going to the sauna, Koreans usually drank banana milk to refresh themselves. The memories attached to banana milk also includes its unique packaging. Although there are already individual boxes of banana milk for import, the original Binggrae Banana Milk was contained in a Korean jar-inspired packaging (like a gigantic Yakult bottle). This is why many Koreans who came from the countryside were also attracted to the packaging because of the memories it evoked.

Believe me! The taste will really make you dance like Lee Min-Ho did in his CF. Well, at least I did. Ha ha ha!


Thanks to  for the video.



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  1. Sala Kue says:

    This is so ROFLing! xD I think I’ve tried those before!, but I’ve had many sooooooo I don’t remember! -_-

  2. Lee Min Ho the most handsome actor in his generation….hehehe…..He is improving everytime….I cant wait for his next project…..City Hunter was so awesome…..

    • joon 준 says:

      I agree, I love all the dramas that Lee Min-Ho was in. From Mackerel, Boys Over Flowers , Personal Taste, to City Hunter. ^^ I think he has a boyish charm that makes his acting very endearing.

  3. dwyght says:

    i am happy to have come across this site! i love this banana milk, kkkk and i just love everything about S.K. ^^ (but that does not mean i don’t like my country…) i also love mini shell chocolates and yangppa ring! ^^ will definitely go to a Korean grocery in a short while, kkkk

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