Remember Lee Dong-Wook, a.k.a. “Julian“, the “My Girl” star, who visited the Philippines back in 2006?

Of course, he’s not really my gym trainer. But the formerly lean actor has been my recent proof and inspiration of sorts that yes, skinny guys can bulk up without turning into incredible hulk. Lee Dong-Wook just returned from Korean military duty and as expected, he totally buffed up since then.

I’m watching his fantastic comeback drama “Scent of A Woman” which is currently airing in Korea and I’m totally blown away with envy whenever Wookie goes shirtless there (which is practically every episode).

I’ve been going to the gym and dieting for the past 6 months now with the objective of bulking up. So far, I’ve gained 8 lbs. (as of last weigh in) – with me at 133 lbs. from a mere 125 lbs. Hopefully, I reach my objective of 140 lbs. by the year-end. Otherwise, I’ll get myself shipped into the mandatory Korean military service so I can also have shower-scene-worthy-abs. If Wookie can do it! So can Joonie! Ha ha ha!

I wonder how his Filipino fan girls would react if they discovered that the boy-next-door is now a hunk-next-door.



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  1. I am also reading scent of a women via dramabeans. Javabeans and Girl friday are doing best to fill me with my korean drama addiction…..

    • joon 준 says:

      Ah really? That’s good! I always watch Scent of a Woman! It’s a very good drama. I’m currently watching Spy Myeongwol, as well. I read Dramabeans to see how people react to each episode of Scent of a Woman but sometimes it’s so full of fan girling comments. Still, it’s always fun to read about people wanting to kill off Sae-kyung. Ha ha ha!

      I love how Kim Sun-Ah’s dying character is so full of life while Lee Dong-Wook’s bigger than life character is so lifeless. The ironic contrasts of the way they approach life makes it very interesting and entertaining for me.

      What do you think of Scent of a Woman so far? ^^

      • I like the turn around of Yeon-jae personality. She is full of life. I like how she respond to her illness. I like the story and more that I miss Lee Dong Wok. The last time I watched him is with movie is it the library??? with eugene….

        I love dramabeans so much. They keep me updated with korean TV series. They are so passionate with their blog.

      • joon 준 says:

        Oh yes! I love Yeon-Jae. I think it’s interesting how somebody can feel so alive only when they are on the brink of death.

        The movie you are referring to is Heartbreak Library. That was way back in 2008. That was a bit broody so I like The Perfect Couple better which is a romantic comedy.

        I’ve seen a lot of Lee Dong-Wook’s dramas and movies. My favorites among his dramas are My Girl, La Dolce Vita, Partner, and of course, Scent of a Woman (his best so far, in my opinion). He has grown so much in his acting so his military stint may have done him a lot of good in terms of acting maturity.

        As for Dramabeans, what can I say – they’re the best in their game. I mainly read them for their comments. So after I watch dramas, I like to read what they think because they give very intelligent insights and observations. And not just fangirling (but lot sof that as well!)

  2. Me, I read dramabeans before I watch the actual drama. Their personal comments and analysis help me understand the drama and Korean culture more. I am not Korean so when dramabeans highlight that this scene is funny because in korea this would mean like…..ahh owkie so thats why…In that way I am enlightened and the next time I saw similar line on different drama I already understand the connotation. (korean joke and Pinoy joke). That is specially true in my girlfriend is a gumiho. And besides, I still have to wait for subbed version anyway….hihi…..

    I agree with you, Lee Dong Wook really improved a lot. I also watched my girl and partner. Why is it that everyone coming out of Military has achieve a higher level of depth and maturity…..

    • joon 준 says:

      Ah, good then! I think if you watch many Korean dramas, you can understand Korean culture more. Dramabeans is a good guide for you then if you want to understand the nuances of some cultural things in the drama.

      As for military service, I think it makes Korean men more mature. It’s like a rite of passage so you’re supposed to be more of a real man after you’ve experienced it. For Korean actors and singers, they also become more muscular with all the physical training — ha ha ha! ^^

      • Have you been to military service yet??? Too bad there is no Myung wol the spy episode today……I hope they ca resolve their issues…..The ending last week is so nice and I am so looking forward for this week’s episode…..sigh.

  3. Atuka says:

    I like “Kang Ji Wook” in “Scent Of A Woman” so much because he has perfect body. 🙂 ็ He developed a lot. Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah is the cutest couple. 🙂

  4. It really is a fantastic drama. I wish Dong Wook would come back here in the Philippines again 😦 ❤

  5. cj says:

    lol. kaka tawa naman to super gwapo niya. tapus nasa wowowee sya. na punongpuno nga kabaliwan. haahaha.

  6. […] and singers usually end up really buff after serving in the military (Just like Lee Dong-Wook HERE), I searched for the old PR photos of Gong Yoo when he was still serving in the military and showed […]

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