This blog has been receiving a lot of queries lately about the Korean language lessons offered by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. As I mentioned before, classes are already on-going until September when the enrollment for the next term is expected (meaning not yet confirmed) to start.

So for the mean time, I strongly recommend Talk To Me In Korean Pilipinas for Filipinos who are interested in learning the Korean language. This is a community on Facebook for followers of the original Talk To Me Korean.

Talk To Me In Korean is perhaps one of the simplest yet most interactive ways of learning Korean online. Not only does it have an official site HERE filled with lessons for different levels of learners, there’s also a YouTube site HERE, a Twitter account HERE, and even a Facebook account HERE.

Ok, why is this a big deal?

First, if you’re really interested in learning the Korean language – nothing beats having somebody to talk to. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. That’s the point of having all these channels for sharing information. Learning a language is not just about memorizing words and phrases. It’s about actually using them.

Second, it pays to have teachers who are actual Koreans or who speak actual Korean (and not just a know-it-all who learned it from a book). There are major diferences between English and Korean as well as between Filipino and Korean. So you need someone to really tell you how to say and write things right.

Third, it’s also critical to learn about Hangul, the Korean alphabet. I assure you, having at least a background knowledge of Hangul will make your lives so much easier when you eventually apply for Korean language class. It will make learning the language easier since you wouldn’t need to resort to all those silly Romanizations. The lessons from Talk To Me In Korean will be a big step forward.

Thanks to Talk To Me In Korean Pilipinas for the photo.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. You know I am trying to learn korean alphabet on my own….hehehe I am far from learning…..Ok maybe I can identify the letters but all together I cannot read it…..This is great help……I want to learn some Korean before I visit Korea I know it will help me a lot navigation around…….

    • joon 준 says:

      Thanks for commenting on the blog. I’m glad to help! TTMIK is actually a really good site. It’s the best I’ve seen online so far. I’m glad to help.

      As for Korean letters, you just need to practice and practice more. Just study hard and you will eventually just know it instinctively.

      Fighting!!! Q(^_^Q)

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