Make “Replay” or “Hello” your ringback tone! It’s free for the first five days as always! Just send the proper code to the respective number of your mobile network as listed below.

For Globe Subscribers:
“Replay” ( Send UC895 to 2332)
“Hello” ( Send UC894 to 2332)

For Smart Subscribers:
“Replay” (Send FREP to 2728)
“Hello” (Send FHEL to 2728)

For Sun Subscribers:
“Replay” (Send GET SONG 6150231 to 2728)
“Hello” (Send GET SONG 6150230 to 2728)

I haven’t changed my ringback in a while. I think, I still have “Better Together” by SE7EN and “One Way” by One Way. Maybe it’s time to get “Replay” in my mobile jukebox.

Thanks to PolyEast Records for the photo.


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  1. Kim Puppysaur says:

    How to activate it for 15 days?

    • joon 준 says:

      After you activate it for the first 5 days, you will receive a prompt from your network provider asking if you want to keep the ringback tone. If you do not reply to the message, it will stay as your ringback tone even beyond 5 days.

      Do note that network charges apply beyond the first free 5 days. ^^

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