It’s been almost a month now since Pure Love (49 Days) started airing on ABS-CBN. This was a drama which I watched when it was still airing in Korea so I’ve postponed posting about it for quite some time because I might end up giving too much spoilers. But in case, you’re wondering: yes, I think Pure Love is good. It’s so good, it hurts.

Pure Love revolves around the story of Dianne (played by Nam Gyu Ri), a chic girl who has everything that anyone can wish for – rich and doting parents, loving and loyal friends, plus Dave (played by Bae Subin), her seemingly perfect boyfriend. However, her whole world turns upside down when she gets into an accident that lands her in a coma.

She ends up in a coma wherein she meets the Angel of Death, a mysterious man whose role involves guiding the dead in the afterlife. He reveals that Dianne isn’t mean to die yet so he gives her a chance to come back to life if she can find 3 people who will cry sincerely for her sake. To do this, she possesses the body of Ysabelle (played by Lee Yo Won) – a drab convenience store worker who seems plagued by problems of her own.

In the process of trying to get the tears of people who love her, she discovers the truth about everyone and everything around her — including the love that was always around her but she never noticed before. For while she was being blinded by the treacherous love of Dave, she never realized that Raymond (played by Cho Hyun-Jae) has been with her…loving her purely all this time.

Personally, I think Pure Love is one of the best Korean dramas that came out recently. It may have some fantastical elements (with all the spirits, Angel of Death, and magical tears mumbo jumbo) but it still is grounded in reality. The lead characters are so multi-dimensional in the sense that they are not merely cut-out stereotype characters. Which is why it is ironic that in this drama, there is no pure evil…just pure love. Everyone around Dianne, even the ones who betray her in the end are actually just flawed beings who in truth do truly care and love her.

What makes this drama even more beautiful is the connection between Dianne and Ysabelle. Initially, I kept scratching my head because I wondered why Dianne had to possess Ysabelle. So when the story revealed their true relationship, it totally surprised me. For in the end, both Dianne and Ysabelle are just two broken people who need to help each other to move on in their lives. But until they finally realized through each other’s help that the people they cared about had a pure love for them, this was just impossible.

Ultimately, expect a lot of laughs and tears from Pure Love. It’s such a beautiful story in the way it intersects the lives of all the characters. And I admit, I cried like a baby in the ending (yes, this fan boy cries but only when it’s a really good show). Because what Pure Love showcases is the reality of love in all its various forms – even the one that breaks your heart.

Pure Love airs on ABS-CBN every weekdays at 10:30 pm.

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