When I had my hair done last weekend at Tony & Jackey Makati, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now have digital mirrors in place.

Before you get an actual hair cut or hair treatment, the stylist can take your photo using the mirror then choose the best hair style for you. I didn’t actually do this anymore because my stylist Tei knows perfectly well what to do with my hair. But for those who want to see their before and after look, this is a fun way of doing it.

Instead of just using the old plastic binder containing various hair styles, you can also browse through a digital album of Korean looks that you can use. I like that the digital album for men were grouped between Styled Cuts and Permed Cuts – so Korean. ^^

Speaking of browsing, you can also use the mirror to browse the Internet. That is, if your comfortable checking your Facebook on a mirror that’s visible by everyone in the salon.

Aside from that, the mirror can also show various videos ranging from hair tutorials from Tony & Jackey stylists, K-Pop music videos, and even Korean TV shows. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself entertained while getting a hair treatment. I know it kept me busy while waiting for my perm to set.

The digital mirrors are currently available only in the Makati, Magallanes, SM North, and Tomas Morato branches. But these will be installed eventually in all their branches.



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