“3-Iron”, the masterpiece by acclaimed (and controversial) Korean Director Kim Ki-Duk has been selected for Club.Mov’s latest movie features from July 25 to 28 at Mogwai Cinematheque, Cubao X, Quezon City. It will be included in part five of “The Idiot’s Guide to Heartbreak” series of films.

The movie was chosen by the curators Eduardo Dayao, Chard Bolisay, Oggs Cruz, and by series founder Khavn De La Cruz because of how it fits the theme that focuses on love and its discontents. “3-Iron” will be shown on July 26 and will be presented by no less than Oggs Cruz – a lawyer, film critic, and Berlinale Talent Class alumni.

“3-iron” tells the story of Tae-Suk (played by Jae Hee of “Delightful Choon-Yang” fame), a good-natured drifter who breaks into and lives in empty houses while the owners are away. He makes it a point to do good while staying in each house and even washes laundry or fixes broken stuff. One day, he meets the abused housewife Sun-hwa (beautifully played by Lee Seung-yeon) and they end up falling in love.

This movie won Kim Ki-Duk the Best Director Award and the FIPRESCI Best Movie Award in the 2004 Venice International Film Festival plus the Best Movie Award in the 2004 Valladolid Film Festival Golden Spike. It was also in the official selection of the Sundance Film Festival.

Aside from “3-iron”, other movies included in the series are “Happy Together” by Wong Kar Wai on July 25, “The Princess and the Warrior” by Tom Tykwer, and “Goodbye My Shooting Star” by Khavn Dela Cruz.

All screenings are at 9pm and are free as Club.Mov aims to make movies like these more accessible to the Philippine audience.

Thanks to Club.Mov for the photo and to  for the video.


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