It was certainly a “Bleak Night” for us film enthusiasts last night. After being so psyched up for the movie and the talkback with Director Yoon Sung-Hyun (I even had a list of questions), imagine how pissed off I was when “Niño” started playing instead! No offense to the people behind that movie, but it was totally the first time I walked out on any movie! I just felt totally duped!!!

There was no advise whatsoever from the Greenbelt staff or the Cinemalaya organizers even when “Niño” started playing on the screen. I watched as several members of the audience walked out with pissed off looks on their faces. I eventually asked the Greenbelt cinema staff member who informed me that the screening got cancelled at the last minute.

I was glad that he assisted me in exchanging my ticket for tomorrow’s screening of “Bleak Night” at 4pm. But that’s just it – it’s during office hours! I’m actually passing out on an important presentation just to catch this movie. How inconvenient!!! Thank goodness I really love Korea!!!

Thanks to  and  for the videos.


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