Globe Telecom has released the new Samsung Galaxy S II in the Philippines. This latest 4G smartphone features among other things, a Motion User Interface, as demonstrated in the CF above with IU.

The Galaxy S II has a 4.3″ AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, which is a step up from their previous AMOLED screens. This offers not just better readability, contrast ratio, and sharpness but also improves battery efficiency.

What’s even more impressive is its 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor that is sure to enhance browsing, gaming, watching videos, and the use of other phone applications. This processor also promises to improve multitasking using your smartphone by giving the closest experience to working (or playing on a personal computer)

The slim design of the Galaxy S II is sure to attract the attention (it caught mine), as it reminds me of the clean lines of the iPhone but on an even sleeker level. At an ultra-slim 8.49mm, it’s hard to believe that this phone still has space for an 8MP rear camera that is capable of 1080 pixel full High Definition recording and a 2MP front camera for video conferencing.

You all know how much of a loyal Smart subscriber I am, but I have to admit, this new phone is making me think about trying Globe for a change. And it doesn’t help that the Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for free with unlimited surfing at Plan 3799!

Thanks to IUBUNNY for the video.


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