It was a night of good music and good laughs when David Choi performed for the second night at Music Museum last June 25 in front of a very enthusiastic crowd composed mainly of the young and young-at-heart. I was seated at F602, which was basically in front of the stage and provided quite the perfect view of the show.

The show opened with Extrapolation who performed “Sunny”, “I Am A Woman”, and “Agua”. The band was incredible although their vocalist didn’t connect that much to the audience. I just wish she could have been more interactive and not just announce what the song titles were. Anyway, they still fit the indie spirit of the show quite well since they made it seem like we were just watching a really good band that was just starting out.

This was followed by the set of Krissy & Ericka. I felt that they were truly well chosen front acts because not only were these girls amazingly talented and hot – they were also artists who started out on YouTube like David! Their first song, a cover of “Runaway” by the Corrs (Smile Honey fans you so missed this!) was well applauded. This was followed by their original song “12:51”, which I think is an underground hit in the making because of its sappy poignant lyrics (think 25 Minutes if it was sang by M2M). Then they close with a great rendition of “Price Tag” which totally got the crowd swaying and singing along.

Then came David – in full adorkable glory. He was quite funny and witty, dishing out joke after joke and song after song. I loved how intimate the concert felt, there were no flashy gimmicks, just some subdued mood lighting. I truly believe that there are times when all the flash and bang isn’t necessary (not that I don’t love my Super Junior Super Show effects). It’s just that in David’s case, the music was so raw and pure in its goodness that anything else would seem superfluous – like gravy on Bonchon chicken. So in this concert, it was just David, his guitar, and his music – and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

As you can all see, I recorded all of David’s performances that night (I had bicep cramps by the end of the concert). I ran out of juice by the time he sang “That Girl” (which sucked since that was my favorite!) and had to use my iPod Nano’s camera instead. That’s why the last video is super crisp and clear compared to the rest – but also incredibly humongous at 66.69MB. Terribly horrible to upload since it took forever but totally worth it!


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