There was a Meet & Greet session right after David Choi’s Concert at Music Museum last June 25. Fans of the Korean-American YouTube Sensation, including yours truly, fell in line for a chance to have their copies of his album signed and to have their photos taken with him.

Since I’m not a particular fan of photos, I did better – I took a video of him signing the two albums: By My Side and Only You which I bought at the venue before the show started. I was actually glad that I was particularly greedy that night since I managed to score both albums which eventually sold out because Monsoon Productions didn’t expect that many fans to grab a copy of David’s albums. In fairness to them, they took payments for advanced orders of the albums and promised to have them signed by David then ship them free of charge to the happy waiting fans.

My only regret was that I didn’t say anything witty or funny in particular to David. I could have talked about balut, kuya, tubig, Typhoon Falcon, or any other thing he had mentioned during the show. But all I could talk about how good the show was and how I had  bought both of his albums. Not my best moment I admit. Lame!!!

I did get him to say “Hi friends!” though. Which was uber cool of him.



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