David Choi

davidchoimusic David Choi  
Kumusta Manila!! I hope there isn’t a typhoon tomorrow ha! Oh yeah, did you see the music video teaser? 🙂http://twitvid.com/FWF6U 

With his first gig in Manila tomorrow, YouTube sensation David Choi tweeted hello to a storm-drench Manila. Typhoon Falcon has been sending massive rains that has left most of the metro flooded and several major thoroughfares with heavy traffic jams. The storm had merged with a Low Pressure Area, increasing its strength and speed.

Amidst the flooded and traffic-jammed streets, fans like me have been worrying about tomorrow night’s gig in Music Museum, Greenhills, San Juan. For if the situation would be the same tomorrow, it would be practically impossible to get to the venue of David’s gig. Let’s all pray for some clear skies tomorrow until Saturday!

Thanks to davidchoimusic for the photo.


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  1. Khiara says:

    Hi! Just want to let you know that David Choi is coming back to Manila on May 17, 2012 at the Music Museum! For more details, visit:

    Ticketworld: ticketworld.com.ph
    SoulmannaLive (formerly monsoon Productions): soulmannalive.com
    Soulmannalive’s twitter: @soulmannalive
    Soulmannalive’s fb fan page: https://www.facebook.com/SoulMannaLive

    Thanks and more power!! 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      Thank you for the information! I was already aware of his return to the Philippines and was just waiting for the confirmed date to post about it.

      Monsoon Productions changed its name? Anyway, I will surely follow them on Twitter since they promote a lot of great independent artists. Thank you again!

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