An “event” created by a certain Lyndon McQueen on Facebook for what was supposed to be the 1st World Tour of Lady Hee Hee in Manila this December 29 has received the ire of the local K-Pop community. What was claimed by some to be an April Fool’s joke has gone bad with several prominent names in the local K-Pop community clarifying that this is nothing but a fake event. Below are some of the posts from them:

Vernon Go
This is not a real event. None of the logos represented are related to this false endeavor.

This is NOT TRUE ! We are NOT associated with this nor any of the mentioned sponsors. Lyndon, why create this fake event????

The Lady Hee Hee Live in Manila event (fb event created by an asshole named lyndon costes) is a Hoax. Please do not believe yung mga rumors na ganyan. You’ll know naman if totoo siya pag galing na samin yung news.

As of this post, the event has attracted 452 confirmed attendees. This is proof that there are things which should never be considered a joke. As in the case of K-Pop concerts, which is something that many Filipinos take seriously. (Despite the fact that it’s absolutely ridiculous for Heechul to just do a Lady Hee Hee World Tour on his own.)

So again – just to clarify once and for all – the Lady Hee Manila Tour is a hoax.

Thanks (or no thanks) to Lady Hee Hee 1st World tour live in Manila for the photo.


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  1. anne says:

    LOL at HAPPEE and SEOUL FM, They are all sucks. From the very start lyndon reminding them these event is a big joke and everyone is enjoying at the same time lol tanga tanga lng mga hindi mrunong umintindi when it comes to logo’s haleerrr!! and u tagged lyndon here uh, I’ll ask him to ur website lol

    • joon 준 says:

      Interesting point of view. Did you know that you can actually get sued for using logos without permission? These are proprietary and thus cannot and should not be used indiscriminately for anything – much less a joke. By using those logos, Lyndon created the impression that this “joke” event was related to these brands/companies.

      Malicious intent or not, the point was that this actually fooled a lot of people which could have made a negative impact on the brands/companies associated with these logos or this “joke” event. They could actually have sued him for that if they were nasty or mean about it. (Just saying)

      It’s funny you’re reacting to this now (several months after the fact) – and it’s even funnier how shallow your explanation is. You can ask Lyndon to visit this site. I never posted anything bad about him. Everything on the post is true and is bound by the laws of free speech. But he did something bad, legally actionable even, by using logos for a “joke” event that defrauded people.

      It seems like you’re the one who doesn’t understand the implication of what happened. But that’s way over now. Like 5 months over.

      So LOL at your much belated comment.

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