Yesterday was the premiere of the Korean Drama Marry Me Mary on ABS-CBN2. This is quite a highly anticipated show because the station had just recently aired the dramas, You’re Beautiful (starring Jang Geun Seuk) and Cinderella’s Sister (starring Moon Geun-Young). In a way, this new show is riding on the recent popularity of these previous shows.

But unlike her angsty character in Cinderella’s sister, here, Moon Geun-Young plays the role of bright-eyed and dreamy Mary. She is a certified Korean drama addict who has incredible fantasies of marrying someone like the heroes that she idolize in her favorite dramas. She dreams of someone rich, handsome, perfect in every way. It doesn’t help that her father has tons of gambling debts with creditors always knocking on her door.

So imagine her surprise when she finds out that her father has arranged her marriage to Justin, a rich snobbish producer played by Kim Jae-Wook. Although she finds him interesting, she is totally turned off by his cold and dismissive attitude towards people. He hates getting close to others and has only agreed to marry Mary because of his father’s wishes.

Because of this, Mary asks for the help of the hippy, bohemian rocker, Michael, played by Jang Geun-Seuk.  As a rising star in the underground music scene, Michael pays attention to nothing except for his music and his band. But when Mary offers him her apartment in exchange for pretending to be married to her, he grudgingly accepts because he has nowhere else to stay in.

This premise sounds interesting right? But that’s all it is, a good premise. The plot and the story development is an absolute messed up where-in-Korean-drama-land-am-I-headed-scratch-your-head thing. This was such a big disappointment because I felt like it had such an amazing pair of leads in Jang Geun-Seuk and Moon Geun-Young. I was especially in love with Geum-Young here, because if you consider how angst-filled her character in Cinderella’s Sister was and how doe-eyed her character is in Marry Me Mary – you can really see the incredible acting talent that she has.

The natural chemistry and stellar acting of the two is actually the only reason why I managed to finish this drama when it first aired in Korea. Geun-Seuk and Geun-Young just have this natural way of being cute and charming together that totally lights up the screen. Every time  they are on, it seems like such a good drama, but when they’re not – then you see all the holes in the story progression that never goes anywhere.

That’s why, I only recommend you to watch this if you’re a fan of either Geun-Seuk or Geun-Young. Otherwise, it might seem like absolute torture to watch the story go in circles – all be it in a cute adorkable way.

Catch Marry Me Mary every weekdays at 5pm on ABS-CBN2.

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  1. sya ata ung nasa C’sSisters”””’ nice namn nagandahan si P-Noy kay grace lee,

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes, she’s the lead actress in Cinderella’s Sister. You should check out the great difference in her character here. It’s the extreme opposite of her character in Cinderella’s sister. ^^

  2. sam says:

    can you make a ringback of jang geun suk sing promise? or otokajo.or without words? any song that jang geun suk sing in his movies will do.pls

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