Philosophical question: If Bonchon was voted the best chicken in America, does that mean Bonchon has the best chicken menu in America? But if this menu is the Bonchon Philippines menu, does that still make this the best chicken menu in America or does that make this the best chicken menu in the Philippines?

I’m blabbering I know…must be really hungry after a long day. Time for an afternoon snack. I’m picking up the phone now for some Bonchon Chicken delivery. Now what would I have? Maybe a large chicken box of spicy chicken wings with kimchi coleslaw would be perfect. Oh that’s just for me! I’m not sharing my chicken wings! What would you be having?

Thanks to Bonchon Philippines for the photo.


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  1. roxyisferox says:

    oh yeah! ang sarap ng chicken nila! maliit ang chicken nila pero malutong ang balat! I even recommend that to my colleagues

  2. derdo says:

    What else would you recommend aside from the chicken but will go well with it?

  3. i hate you food! says:

    ON CHON CHICKEN super Worst Food!!!! 1,200 for the food and 109 for the delivery charge but its not really MAKATARUNGAN! the food is yucky and my God the servings, kuripot sa dilang kuripot! DONT TRY BON CHON CHICKEN

    • joon 준 says:

      You are the first anonymous person I know who hated Bonchon Chicken. I guess to each his own. A P1,200 bill? What did you order? And from which branch? Just curious.

    • Andrew says:

      What did you order!? Bon Chon is great if you order something that is yummy. 🙂 i dont think you ordered the right food for you.

      • joon 준 says:

        I really agree with you on this. Not everything on the Bonchon menu is great but I would hardly call it the “super Worst Food”~

  4. Andrew says:

    You shouldnt say those things about Bon Chon! Just because you hate it doesnt mean everyone should. Why cant you just say it wasnt as good as you expected and i hope i order something better next time.

  5. Andrew says:

    and if you hate food… you wouldnt be living right now because you would starve.. dumbo 😀

  6. Nicole says:

    Does Bon Chon contain crack? Coz I am soooo addicted to it! Yumyumyum!!! 🙂

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