I just read this write-up from Baby A. Gil, a Philippine Star writer for the column “Sounds Familiar”. I was actually quite surprised that she did a piece on David Choi, since his music isn’t entirely “familiar” to many Filipino audiences. He may be part Korean but in a K-Pop-obsessed market, the YouTube sensation isn’t exactly top of mind – yet. Anyway, because I’m a big fan boy of David Choi (that rhymes!) – here’s the full article.

YouTube sensation David Choi in first Manila gig
by Baby A. Gil

One of the web’s best-kept secrets is out. Well, technically not yet as of this writing but it’s coming out with a bang within the next few days. This is David Choi, the sensational singer and songwriter who is not signed to any label, is not in the cast of a hit TV show and is not heard on the radio. But he is, in truth, one big star who has already notched over 82 million upload views of his videos on YouTube, aside from the 10 million channel views. 

As I am sure you have already noticed, the Internet has become a veritable spawning ground for new talents. Justin Bieber is one excellent example. So is the local Somedaydream. You can add David to the list as he is certainly among the most successful. They were all first seen and heard in the web and it was the viewers who decided they were good and downloaded their songs and uploaded the videos.

Now, I am sure you are wondering why you have not heard anything about David Choi until now if he is truly this big. My answer is I have a feeling that this huge following has kept him a tightly guarded secret only meant to be enjoyed by those who discovered him because they were in search of beautiful music. This is most evident in his recent tours were his gigs, truly low-keyed affairs compared to other foreign artists, always resulted in packed shows.

You can find out for yourselves how talented and likable David is when he comes to town for his very first Manila shows.He is at present on an Asian tour that includes Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines. He will be at the Music Museum in Greenhills on June 24 and June 25. He will be joined by the local groups, Extrapolation and Krissy & Ericka. Tickets are priced at P1,500, P1,000 and P850 and are now available at Ticketworld and Music Museum.

By My Side is David’s latest album release. The production, which he did all by himself, is excellent and the songs are soft lilting ballads of the sort that Pinoys like very much. Think Colbie Caillat, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz. Light but sentimental. Emotional but without the histrionics. Simple but expressive. Definitely young and very hip.

I like You Can Win, Uneasy, That Girl and Better You, best of all the cuts. Maybe local radio or the MYX Music channel, because David also has very good videos, would get interested and play any of these songs as a single. That way even non-users will be able to enjoy the songs of David Choi. Also included are By My Side, A Dream, This Is A Way, Amy Ave, Heaven’s Ease, Deserve To Be, So Weightless and What Do You Know.

David is Korean-American. He got his big break when he won a mash-up contest judged by rock icon David Bowie in 2004. This was followed by the USA Weekend Magazine’s John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Teens, which he also won.  It was after these that he started uploading his work into the Net, which was seen by viewers. Demand from these followers prompted David to try his hand at recording. His first, titled Only You, became an instant hit and he followed it up with By My Side last year.


Thanks to the Philippine Star for the photo and the article.


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