Despite this online petition on Facebook HERE, seems like there will be NO SM Town Live In Manila yet for 2011. According to K-Pop concert producer extraordinaire, Happee Sy, she has already inquired several times about the possibility of holding this. She explained briefly on her Facebook Page:

“Re: SM Town I have already asked regarding this, so many many times, but so far there’s no plan for that to push thru here in Manila.”

Requests for a local staging of SM Town have long been underway but seems like it will stay a dream for K-Pop fans for the mean time. Personally, I think it is crucial for fans to continue supporting SM Entertainment artists locally for this to really push through. In the same way that Super Junior has such a strong Philippine ELF fan base hence the Super Show staging in the country.

Thanks to SM Town Live In Manila for the photo.


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  1. mackel says:

    i want snsd to have a concert here.. even if there is no sm town live in manila as long as snsd will be having theirs.. hehe ;P

    • joon 준 says:

      I still prefer SM Town since that would bring the whole SM Family of artists – Super Junior, SNSD, DBSK, TRAX, f(x), BoA, and more. But if SNSD is all that is possible, I would still be happy about that, too. (^~^) There have been several rumors this year that SNSD would finally have a concert by December. Sadly, that’s all they have been so far – rumors.

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