Part of me thinks this news is quite amusing. (And I truly don’t know why…)

Oh Hoon-Kwon, a Korean national, became the first to get charged with a criminal case under Philippine President Noynoy Aquino’s Decree against the illegal use of sirens. During his inauguration speech, this was one of the salient points that the president promised to enforce. This is because of the prevalent abuse of sirens to evade traffic jams and have VIP treatment in the congested streets of the Philippines. Because of this, the president issued Presidential Decree No. 96 which prohibits the use of sirens, bells, whistles, horns, and other similar devices that produce exceptionally loud or startling sound on any motor vehicle.

Hoon-Kwon was driving a black Starex with a siren in EDSA when he was spotted by the  Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group . His plate number, PID 916, was noted by the traffic police and was traced to his home. When intelligence agents of the PNP-HPG went to Hoon-Kwon’s home, he immediately surrendered his vehicle and siren after being issued a violation receipt. (Good job! No bribery!))

Because of this incident, Hoon-Kwon will be charged for violating PD 96. He faces penalties that include the immediate confiscation of his vehicle, imprisonment for 6 months or a fine of P600, and the cancelation of his vehicle’s registration.


Thanks to disinfestavaxhome for the photo.


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