Spotted: Joseph Bitangcol at the 2NE1 Concert held in Araneta Coliseum.

I saw the former “boyfriend” of Dara on my way out of the venue after the concert. Although, Dara herself has denied their relationship as merely a “loveteam” or on-screen pairing – the said pairing still lasted 3 years. In fact, the “break-up” of the two was big news in the Philippines way back.

It’s interesting how Joseph’s career has nosedived as much as Dara’s has soared. His last movie role was as one of two doomed gay lovers in the indie movie “Walang Kawala” (No Way Out).

He later joined the never-heard and now-defunct singing and dancing boy group called (Which is also apparently the url for a gay porn site!!!) with Alwyn Uytingco, Franck Garcia, Polo Ravales, and Gabb Drilon. Since then, Joseph’s career has remained relatively unstellar – jumping from one TV network to another. He is currently part of the cast of the TV5 drama “Babaeng Hampaslupa” as Adrian.

Based on what I saw (and captured with my mobilephone camera), the guy seems to have gained some weight. It was a bit sad to see how a lot of the young crowd didn’t recognize or even know him considering that he was once quite popular during his pairing with Dara.  But still, it’s nice to see him still showing his support for his former “girlfriend” (regardless of whether the relationship was true or not). I’m sure watching Dara sing “In or Out” really brought back memories for this guy.

Thanks to for the video.


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