It was definitely a party like no other. And I felt like a party VIP all the way (for the price of P8,500). I certainly was scared in the beginning because it seemed like the venue wasn’t going to be filled! Seriously Blackjacks, you really made me worry. It wasn’t as packed as Super Show 3 but almost filled up enough!!! All in all, my only regret for the night was not getting VVIP tickets!

The 2NE1 concert in Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, June 4 brought together several local musical acts before culminating in a 7-song performance from the popular Korean group. Among the Filipino performers were Techy Romantics, Christian Bautista, Bloomfields, Callalily, and the Philippine All-Stars . Also adding laughs was Giselle Sanchez who acted as a pseudo host for the night. I don’t really consider them as front acts since they performed a LOT of songs!!! But do note that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them.

Techy Romantics started off the night. I totally dig their indie music because of how their sound warmed up the crowd. Their music may have flown above the heads of some of the less musically discerning members of the audience but I think they did a fantastic job of opening the show.

Christian Bautista didn’t show any of the nerves that was said to be bothering him days before the concert. He totally owned the audience with his rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”. Of course, he also performed songs from his usual repertoire including “Love Moves In Mysterious Ways” and “The Way You Look At Me”. To tell you the truth, I was glad Christian performed since he is one of the local pop singers who I actually enjoy listening to.

The Bloomfields were also another crowd-pleaser. Their set was quite enjoyable as they dished out bouncy song after another. I particularly enjoyed their version of “Ale”, which had a danceable vibe to it.

Giselle Sanchez played Luneta Park, a deranged fan parody of Sandara Park. Not only was she hilarious in how she made an entrance by pretending to be Dara, I was quite impressed with how she referenced 2NE1 stuff in her jokes and spiels.

Callalily also brought rock to the dome. It’s interesting how they were my least favorite out of all the front acts because their vibe was quite dark and broody compared to the rest. Anyway, their vocalist Kean still dished out a good show (even if he sounded a bit trashed in his spiels). He even reversed his shirt to reveal text that said “I ❤ Dara”.

The Philippine All-Stars also showed off their international dancing caliber. I was totally blown away with their superb dancing skills. They were also the perfect act before 2NE1 since the music they dance to was technically closer to 2NE1’s sound than the rest of the other performers.

When 2NE1 finally went onstage, it was absolute chaos and madness among the crowd! They performed hit after hit starting with “Fire”, “Go Away”, “Please Don’t Go”, and “Lonely”. This was followed by Dara singing her old hit “In or Out”, much to the delight of the crowd that seemed to have included her fans from her Star Circle Quest Days. “Can’t Nobody” seemed as if their last song until the group went back for the encore featuring “Clap Your Hands and “I Don’t Care”.

There were some fans who felt that they were a bit ripped off with this event. I’m sorry but I felt otherwise. I think there were hints from the start that this wasn’t a full-on 2NE1 concert in the likes of the Super Show 3 (Sorry about the comparison, that’s just my current standard for concerts). But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get my money’s worth. I paid freaking P8,500 for tickets but it felt worth it! I would have bought P10,000 tickets if I only knew that I wasn’t going to be that close in the VIP section! (Hence, the lack of my own videos since they all sucked big time!)

Just watching a live performance of 2NE1’s biggest hits was enough for me. Whether they were singing 1 song or 12 songs doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care…eh eh eh eh eh! Because they’re Korean, I will support them as much as I can. That’s my fan boy way. ^^

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  1. Klaris says:

    I thought you were in VVIP? You’d probably kill me for this, but i got my VIP ticket for 4.5K (I almost strangled my seatmate when she told me she was able to haggle three tickets for 10K so that’s like, 3.3K each, I felt duped). I was seated near FunnySexy’s group. Thanks to your blog, I got reminded of where I’ve seen this hot girl he he.

    After watching this concert I felt like a real grown up. I could go to a packed concert alone and “Dance Like Lightning” (as per Techy Romantics) without a care. Also, I never thought I would be able to endure watching Christian Bautista and Callalily song after song. I even gave them applauses after their performances as a form of respect.

    • joon 준 says:

      Cool~~~Ha ha ha! That’s ok. I would’ve paid full price regardless. I changed my mind about VVIP at the last minute because there was supposed to be a company excursion that might make me miss the concert. I was thinking that P8,500 was less a risk than P10,000. But when I finally bought tickets I found out that the trip was rescheduled on the date of my David Choi Concert instead! What the bloody hell!? Ha ha ha! So I ended up in VIP instead.

      Attending concerts alone is so much fun since then you wouldn’t give a damn about everyone else around you. So you can go wild and act like a total fan boy without looking ridiculous in your friends eyes. Ha ha ha! (^0^)

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