I had a very horrifying experience last night when my “tourist wallet” which contained cash, my passport, identification cards, credit cards, ATM cards, and other important documents was pick-pocketed in Glorietta. I had just paid for and picked up my Orchestra Center Tickets for David Choi’s Live In Manila Tour when I realized that my bag was open and the wallet where I placed my tickets in was gone!

This was definitely a painful learning experience for me since I discovered thru this horrible process what to do in case the concert tickets that you bought from Ticketworld are stolen.

1. If it was right after you bought your ticket, go to the Ticketworld counter where you bought it immediately. This was the first thing I did. The customer sales representative of Ticketworld at National Bookstore in Glorietta 5 was very helpful as she gave very clear instructions to call the Ticketworld main office. What’s more, she also informed the Ticketworld main office about what happened.

2. Call Ticketworld at 891-9999 and report the lost ticket. Although this is not yet the official report, it’s good to personally flag Ticketworld about what happened right away. This will also facilitate the process of getting a certification from the Ticketworld Head Office that your ticket was indeed stolen.

3. File a proper affidavit of loss. The affidavit of loss must clearly contain details of how much the ticket was, what seat section and number it was, when it was reserved, when it was bought, and when it was picked up. This must also be notarized, which will cost you P100.

4. Go to the Ticketworld Head Office with your affidavit of loss and a valid ID. The Ticketworld Head Office is located at 6793 Ayala Avenue, 701 V. Madrigal Bldg., Makati City 1226, Philippines.  Once you submit the affidavit of loss and present your identification card, a representative from Ticketworld will verify that you are indeed the person who reserved and paid for the lost ticket. Once this is done, you will receive a document certifying that you have been identified by Ticketworld Head Office as the true owner of the ticket. Attached to this, will be your affidavit of loss. This is what you will present at the venue of the concert instead of the lost ticket.

All in all, the process may sound like such a hassle – because truth be told – it is. But if you think of it, what would even be more infuriating than losing your concert ticket would be knowing that whoever stole it would also be sitting in that VIP seat that you reserved and paid for, I’d rather go through the hassle than give that person the chance to watch David Choi in my front seat!!! And if ever that person appears during the day of the concert, I’ll surely make a scene right out of the best Korean Dramas!!! Bwa ha ha ha! (^0^)

My deepest thanks go to all the staff of Ticketworld who helped me out today. They were all so kind and helpful despite me going almost ballistic (I jest, of course).

Thanks to Ticketworld for the  photo.


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  1. Mariel says:

    do you need any proof to prove that you bought the ticket such as receipts? because my wallet also got stolen with my concert tickets + the receipt

    • joon 준 says:

      If you made a reservation online or through phone I don’t think you need to have the receipt since you will be in the system. I also didn’t have my receipt when I reported my lost ticket. Although you need to follow the steps I mentioned in this post.

      But do note that this is only for Ticketworld. I don’t know the guidelines for Ticketnet. Hope this helps. ^^

  2. April says:

    I just lost my tickets for AJ rafael’s 😦 thank you for posting these details, really helpful 🙂

    • joon 준 says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad that my post was able to help you. That was quite a traumatic experience for me so I’m happy that whatever I learned from my stupidity can benefit someone else. ^^

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