Stop mangling the Korean language! Ha ha ha! Do you want to actually understand the K-Pop songs you sing along to? Here’s your chance!

The Ateneo Center for Asian Studies will be offering Certificate Introductory Korean Language I classes for those who have no knowledge of Korean whatsoever.

The course will cover the basics of the language including the Korean alphabet (Hangul), phonetics, and even sentence patterns. Aside from delving on reading and pronouncing Korean characters and letters properly, this module will also give introduce grammar rules and sentence patterns, as well as encourage simple conversations in the Korean tongue. Through these classes, you can learn the basics of how to read, write, speak, and understand Korean.

Classes will be held every Saturday from June 18 to August 20. Schedules may change but all in all, there will be a total of 10 Saturdays.To be part of the class, you must register and enroll on or before June 14. The registration fee is P4,500 for each student. You can get a discount though and pay only P4,000 each, if you go enroll with at least 9 of your friends. Staff or faculty members of Ateneo De Manila University only need to pay P3,000 to enroll.

For more information on course details, payment modes, and schedules, click HERE.

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