Is this a case of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet?

This is definitely sad news for the Korean community in the country. With the influx of Korean tourists, students, and retirees to the Philippines – it’s definitely disturbing to hear about news like this.

Local police are currently investigating the deaths of a Korean woman and her Filipino lover, whose bodies were found at a Eurotel room in Malate, Manila last Tuesday. Hotel employees discovered the bodies of 23 year-old Kim Min-Jung and 26 year-old Emmanuel Andrew Monteagudo with several gunshot wounds on their body.

According to PO3 Alonzo Layugan, it was initially hypothesized that it was a double suicide but suspicions arose because of multiple gunshot wounds that both victims have sustained. A .25 caliber pistol registered to Monteagudo was found in the hotel room prompting earlier theories that it was a suicide.

Based on hotel records, the couple had checked in at Room 320 of Monday afternoon. Hotel employees tried to inform them about their check at around 2:30 the next day but there was no response of any kind – prompting them to force open the locked door.

I’m no CSI but I’ve watched enough episodes to know that yes, it’s hard to shoot yourself multiple times in a suicide attempt. Duh?! So I definitely hope that this gets resolved speedily to ensure that everyone feels safe in the Philippines. But we all know how slow the wheels of justice works around here.

Thanks to glogster for the photo.


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  1. julia khan says:

    Yes its really impossible to make a suicide shot at the back of your neck. If they both want to commit suicide, they could have shot in their temple or heart to make it easier.

    This was proven by the Autopsy done by Dra. Fortun, a very well known medico legal in the Philippnes. She herself made a final analysis that its not a suicide but a homicide.You can view in ABS CBN when she made the final autopsy report.

    Just wonder how the killer(s) were able to enter their room ? Is the Hotel management not able to check that somebody went inside with gun ?

    Also, its really something to think about that both were found naked and lying side by side, does Andrew have time to be by her side after shooting himself.

    Just hope their case will be given justice with the help of the police, NBI and media. This really has to be re-investigated to prove that Filipinos are safe and being protected.

    Pls.dig deeper to see the truth. Doing Final report is not enough for the police to do but solving the case, with result as to who and why of the case.

    God Bless us all to find Justice.

    • joon 준 says:

      Well said. Thank you for the update regarding this case. It’s been so long since I heard any development about this. It’s been another of those crimes in the Philippines that never got resolved. Hope that justice really is served.

  2. migs says:

    i wonder why eurotel doesnt have security cameras on their walkways or corridors…. that could have been something…

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