For all those who watched Fast 5 in local cinemas, did you happen to notice the comeback of street racer Han Lue or Han Seoul-Oh played by Sung Kang? The American actor of Korean descent, returns in the role that made him a familiar face to international audiences in what could be the biggest car movie franchise in Hollywood. The character of Han Lue previously appeared in Fast and the Furious (2009) and Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

And in case you’re all confused how the return of Han Lue is possible, the events in this movie come before Tokyo Drift (where Han Solo was killed after crashing his RX-7). It’s the same case with Fast and the Furious. In Fast 5, Han Lue falls in love with a fellow team member and together they plan to travel Europe and eventually reach Japan (where Tokyo Drift takes place and where he eventually dies in the storyline).

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