“bakit po ganun idol joon palagi pong my ”pasan scene” sa mga k-drama nagtatanung lng po”
(Why is there always a “piggyback ride scene” in many K-Dramas, I’m just asking please)

Note: It took me forever to understand what “pasan scene” meant. Ha ha ha!

I got this interesting question from  noxy elterano and after careful thought, I decided that this topic deserved more than just a passing comment. The piggyback ride or “pasan scene” as noxy calls it, is a staple in many Korean Dramas because of how it reflects Korean culture. I’m not saying that it’s unique to Korea but it has special meaning to Korean audiences.

This is primarily because of the skinship involved. If you’re a K-Pop fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of skinship. This is a Konglish word for touching of any form between two people. It can range from simple holding hands, hugging, kissing, to even sex. Now, Koreans are very conscious of being proper in public. So what Filipinos consider as normal “public display of affection” or PDA is typically frowned upon in Korea. The result of this is that skinship has evolved to have a very deep meaning for most Koreans especially the younger set. It shows the progress of a romantic or even friendly relationship depending on the level of skinship. Taken in the K-Drama context, the piggyback ride becomes an indication of progress in the relationship between the guy and the girl. It’s normally a huge turning point from “I hate you” to “I like you”. Note how characters usually become closer after the piggyback ride in dramas.

The piggyback ride fulfills this romantic ideal of skinship not only because of this but also because of the warm associations with it that hearkens to images of fathers giving their kids piggyback rides (I even remember my dad giving piggyback rides to me all the time when I was younger). It makes the guy look like a reliable fatherly figure (and we all know women love a responsible father image especially when applied to bad boy types). So when a guy piggybacks a girl in Korean dramas, it’s like the girl is being carried by her father lovingly – and girls go gushing like “oh he’s so sweet and reliable”.

This is even more true when the girl is piss-drunk as she normally is in most piggyback scenes in K-dramas. Koreans love to drink their alcohol and it’s quite common to see people trashed at night after a heavy bout of drinking. The drunk girl being piggybacked by the guy gives them an excuse for skinship without looking too promiscuous in public. It actually establishes how the guy is a knight-in-shining-armor figure no matter how much of a rich spoiled brat he is. (Hello Cyrus! Gu Jun Pyo! Ethan! And whoever K-Drama hero you can add to the list!)

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  1. V says:

    You have the best explanation for the “Piggybackr ride”. Thank you for a great page of much information. Much appreciated you took the time to give so many an answer. I too, remember piggyback rides by my oldest brother and giving them to my kids. We are a very close family so I can see why it has the meaning that it does. Again, great site and many thanks for your efforts!

  2. Cel says:

    Thanks for that! Now i understood well:)

  3. hi, Lie to me is great ..really great..please convey my message to please make a part 2..I want to see how they will have to be treated as man and wife in the sereis…

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