Can I get Kim Yuna with my new Smart Galaxy Tab?

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to upgrade from my old Samsung Star S5233W to a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. This move would entail a major plan upgrade in my Smart Gold Plan (from Plan 1200 to Plan 2000) .

I’m not so bothered with the higher price since this will be on an unlimited data plan which translates to unlimited browsing for me on a flat rate. The 24-month lockout isn’t so bad either since I’ve been a satisfied and loyal Smart subscriber for the past 3 years. If one computes it, P1,000 would be for unlimited Internet every month and I’ll be paying a total of P24,000 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This seems pretty reasonable since the Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently selling for only P21,999 compared to its original price of P34,999 when it was initially released (On hindsight, the price cut is primarily because of the impending release of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab on Honeycomb).

Anyway, I’ll post a full review on the Samsung Galaxy Tab once I get the actual device. But I’m sure some of you out there have tried it already. So what do you guys think?

Thanks to for the video.


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