Fans from the Philippines of Korean American YouTube sensation, David Choi, continue to get even more excited with the singer’s constant posts about his upcoming Manila Tour on June 23 and 24. As you can see below, the posts range from random stuff about food and Manny Pacquiao to his love for his Philippine fans.

David Choi David Choi
mahal kita!
Mahal Kita!!!!!!! Can’t wait to go to the Philippines for the first time!!! I hope you are all nice!!! Coming? 🙂
GO MANNY!!!!!!!
So far, 246 have confirmed on the Facebook Event Page for the concert that they are attending. This may seem a lot but fans need to keep in mind that the Music Museum has a maximum capacity of 726 persons. The Orchestra Section alone has 514 seats. Which can mean that there is still a long way to go before this can seem like a fully-packed show.

I hope more fans come to this show because David is actually a really good singer and an even better person.The tickets are very affordable at P875.50 for Balcony, P1,030.00 for Orchestra, and P1,545.00 for Orchestra Center. Contact Ticketworld at 891-9999 to buy your tickets now.

Thanks to David Choi for the photos.


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