Crispy, crunchy, chicken right at your doorstep!!!

Bon Chon, the Korean chicken that’s been voted the best in the United States now has a delivery service to satisfy your cravings! So if you need your usual Bon Chon fix but are too far away from any of Bon Chon three current branches (Ayala Triangle, Greenbelt 1, and SM Megamall), then just call Bon Chon’s delivery hotline! Do note that Bon Chon currently delivers only to Makati, Manila, Mandaluyong, and Pasay areas. But, they’ll be expanding the locations soon as they continue to open more branches! Woo hoo!

Thanks to Bon Chon Philippines for the photo.


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  1. bobong_koreano says:

    bobong blog nilagay mo pa na pwede mag padeliver di mo naman nilagay yung number tanga bobo mo

    • joon 준 says:

      Sorry, there was a broken image link which contained all the previous hotline numbers because Bonchon Philippines updated their photo after the series of branch openings they did recently. I’ve fixed it already so you can see the numbers you are so desperate for.

      Anyway, I just want you to know that I understand what “bobo” means. And I think it’s quite disappointing that someone who feels like they are “matalino” didn’t even have an iota of intelligence to simply just ask for the numbers. You didn’t need to resort to name-calling.

      What I hate most are people who judge others without even thinking. In the first place, you are just visiting my blog. Don’t be crass. Have some class.

      Who’s “bobo” now?

    • Trish says:

      How could you be so disrespectful to a foreigner considering your country as a second home. I pity you for not having manners.

  2. rara says:

    Definitely the idiot who left the stupid comment. Thanks so much, me having Bonchon for Lunch 🙂 Yay

  3. Dzeli says:

    I am writing a review now about Bon Chon, Trinoma branch 🙂 I accidentally stumbled on your blog; neatly written and straight to the point, keep it up!

    • joon 준 says:

      Thank you. I’ve done a lot of posts about Bonchon because it’s currently my favorite fastfood option (It’s not technically that fast but it’s still under teh category I think). Do share your review about Bonchon here by posting the link. I’d be glad to read about it. ^^

  4. Dzeli says:

    Great! I would appreciate that :)) My site’s pretty new and is still under construction so bear with the mess, hihi.

    PS. Ditto, loving Bon Chon to bits! 😀




    • joon 준 says:

      Looks like we have a troll here. Ha ha ha!

      I never said anything bad to you. You were the one who was acting like a silly brat. Truth be told, you’re visiting my blog. I could easily delete all your crass comments instead of approving it so that they show up here.

      But do you know why I don’t delete your comments? It’s so that you can read them again to see how you keep acting like you have the emotional intelligence of a pre-schooler.

      If you have a problem with my blog, deal with it. Get therapy. Looks like you need it considering all that rage. Or maybe go back to school. Education really builds character.

      Please do that instead of visiting my site just to leave uneducated comments that increase my hits. You’re actually helping me every time you visit or post here. Or didn’t you know that?

      Sorry, but in this case, I don’t think I was the one being an “asshole”. Peace out, dude! (^_^);;

    • Trish says:

      ACTING LIKE YOU OWN IT. —– not if you let them own it. can you just cut it off? cos it’s making you look stupid

  6. this is very helpful! i love bonchon!!! thanks joon for making this blog. i have koreans friends as well. so dont mind the idiot who left that nasty comment. might as well delete it since it doesnt help your site anyway 🙂

  7. Lara:) says:

    Ugh, I pity this Filipino acting very disrespectful towards you. I’m a Filipina but I really feel sorry for what this lad told you. Please don’t think everyone of us acts the same way as he did. He will surely soon realize how bastard he is. Don’t worry:)

    Thanks for the info! And thank you for still giving right manners:)

  8. banjo says:

    bon chon is masarap!

  9. Wan says:

    HELLO!…. This blog is very helpful…. nice one my friend! I LOVE BON CHON too!

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