I just saw the line-up from the Green Plugged Seoul 2011 musical festival that was held last May 14 to 15 at Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul. I was totally floored when I saw Filipina singer Juris among the impressive line-up of Korean artists that included indie stalwarts like No Brain, Crying Nut, Huckleberry Finn, Jaurim, Boohwal, and more (Ok, if you’re a pure K-Popper – these names may not mean a lot but I assure you, they are BIG indie names! Some are legends even!) Just check out the complete list of Korean artists who performed below:

This is one of the biggest musical festivals in Korea with over 100 artists performing for the promotion of a more sustainable future. It is also one of the “cleanest concerts” that prides itself for leaving no trash or clutter after the event. Juris is one of selected international acts that include Swedish indiepop singer Lasse Lindh plus Paris Match and Sarasa from Japan.

Juris has been doing quite well in Seoul. Her single, “Say You Love Me”, which was released as the carrier single of the album “If You and Me” was even a chart-topper in Cyworld BGM. It also includes songs in Korean like “Altogether Alone”, “Don’t Forget”, “If You and Me”, and “Wishes.” Also in the album are her English versions of Korean songs like “I Will Never Let You Away” (by 2PM), “Nothing Better” (by Jung Yap), and “I Have Someone In My Heart” (by Aiyu).

I have to say, I’m not surprised why her music has been crossing the boundaries of Seoul. Juris’ singing style does have a similarity to Jisun of Loveholic fame with her delicate and sensitive singing. And she also has that one name thing going on: Juris-Jisun. Her name has been “Koreanized” as 쥬리수 – which also has that indie vibe to it. Ha ha ha! I really hope she continues to do better in Seoul!

Thanks to juris.com.ph for the photo and to for the videos.


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  1. Abby says:

    I believe she got known because IU always cover “Say You Love Me” on local radio programs. But I’m happy for Juris. I didn’t know she covered Nothing Better as well. weeee~ **happy happy happy**

  2. I♥kpop says:

    ^ I don’t think so MYMP is already popular in Korea before IU start covering their songs. Heechul’s Youngstreet, Chin Chin Radio & Super Junior Kiss the Radio has already played MYMP songs on air. & must admit that I’ve even got even prouder when Donghae BGM has one of MYMP songs on it. lol.

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