It started with the deletion of the event page on Facebook. Then just a couple of days before the actual event (Do note that the poster above was only a draft so the date isn’t correct), the Philippine KPop Convention issued this official statement regarding the cancellation of the K-Pop Convention in Cebu:

We would like to give our sincerest apology to all the people who have been waiting and supporting our plans of having a KPOP Convention in Cebu. We are cancelling the said event and we do admit that this is largely due to lack of budget and sponsors to back us up. It’s been a very hard few months for us because we couldn’t move forward with our plans without money and enough sponsors to get us through. We are very and truly sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.We have been attending to everyone’s concerns and inquiries however, it was hard for us to respond as we having problems with the money and sponsors. Again, we apologize. It is not in our intentions to ignore your inquiries as we have been trying to resolve the problems and we wanted to make sure that it was resolved before we can get back to you. We want this event as much as you want it. In lieu of the recent cancellation of the KPOP Convention in Cebu event, we are currently working on KPOP Garage Sale 2! We plan to have it on the second half of the year. Plans are currently being ironed out, so please anticipate it!Again, we are very sorry for cancelling this event and we thank you for all the support that you guys have been showering us.

Philippine Kpop Committee Inc.

This has left a lot of disappointed and even angry K-Pop fans from Cebu who felt that the announcement came too late. I think the explanation of the organizers is quite understandable but I also get why the Cebuanos are feeling really bad since the announcement came just a few days before the event. So what do you think?

Thanks to the Philippine K-Pop Convention for the photo.


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