I know the Drunken Tiger Beats still hasn’t been released in Seoul, but whatever, I’m praying as early as now that it eventually gets released in Manila. I’ve got my fingers-crossed after all, the girly purple Justin Bieber JustBeats and studded Lady Gaga HeartBeats were both released here.

The Drunken Tiger Beats is the first from the artist series with a Korean artist so this is definitely going on top of my wish list (way above the Adidas Sennheisser Headphones that recently became available in the country). If this doesn’t get to Philippine shores, I’m taking the next flight to Seoul for them!!!

The expensive but uber-stylish Beats by Dr. Dre (both earphones and headphones) has been catching on among Manila audiophiles recently (Yeah, the country has been a late adopter). This can be attributed to the high-profile appearances of Beats in various K-Pop MVs including from 2NE1 to Se7en. But I ain’t settling for no ordinary Beats. I want my piss-ass Drunken Tiger Beats!

Thanks to DrunkenCamp for the photos and to for the videos.


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