The 2NE1 photo that has been featured on the cover MYX Magazine and Most Wanted Hits continues to make the rounds as it appears again – this time, on the 2nd Issue of Sparkling Magazine!

Maybe it’s because this is the only photo that these magazines have gotten rights to use for publishing, but it’s just slightly disappointing how a very stylish girl group like 2NE1 has the same photo in all 3 magazine covers that they are in! It’s not like they don’t have other cover worthy photos – and no, changing the background color does not a new photo make. Ha ha ha!

In any case, I’m grabbing a copy of this issue later at lunch since it’s packed with a lot of interesting features. Foremost, is the primer on 2NE1 that highlights the road to success of the hip-hop girl group (Yes, they are hip-hop since they are the female version of Big Bang in the same vein as Girls Generation is the female version of Super Junior). Dara fans will also love the special fashion spread that will give tips on how to do her signature style.

Sparkling Magazine has a double cover and this time around, it’s Kyujong and Youngsaeng on the other side of the magazine! Since they visited the Philippines for their fan meet last February 5 (Which I missed! Thank you for reminding me Sparkling!), it’s no wonder they have an exclusive interview inside on their new beginnings after SS501 went on hiatus indefinitely.

Other exciting features in this issue include a fan account of her Super Junior Super Show 3 experience last February 26 (Hey! You should have gotten me for this!), a feature on the Far East Movement who visited the country last March 14 (Which I also missed after they changed schedules without enough notice!),  plus an up close and personal account of meeting Se7en and 2NE1 on the streets of Seoul!

Thanks to Universal Records for the photo.


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