Finally got my bundle of passes to the Philippine Fashion Week 2011 Spring/Summer Shows. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Korean-American brand Forever 21 is part of the line-up this year! My dongsaeng actually flipped out when she heard about this (I have no idea why since I’m not quite blown away by Forever 21).

The Forever 21 show will be at 5:30 pm today in Function Room 2 & 3 of the SMX Convention Center. I’m not expecting any truly Korean-inspired fashion from the runway of Forever 21 though. The brand seems to have veered away from its Korean roots and has grown to be more of an American brand.

Anyway, I’ll still be on the lookout for any Korean-inspired designs in the Philippine Fashion Week. I’m actually looking forward to what Oxygen will be showcasing as they have been looking pretty Hongdae-ish in their past seasons. In fact, my whole wardrobe for the past year have been all from Oxygen. Did I mention they have a rather cool invite as well?


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  1. kla says:

    this just reminded me of that gorgeous k-indie mixtape called “summer in hongdae.”

    astig ka talaga! ikaw na ang aa-chan of the philippines. ikaw na!

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