With their upcoming concert in Araneta Coliseum this June 4, the 2NE1 cover on MYX Magazine couldn’t be more timely. In this issue, no less than Dara herself takes everyone to a peek into the not-so-everyday life of the 2NE1 girls. This is definitely a must-read for Blackjacks. Although, I’m not so into the fact that this is the same 2NE1 photo that was featured on the March Cover of Most Wanted Hits Magazine HERE.

ELFs will also be glad to know that the issue will also feature the Super Show 3 through photo after photo documenting what was one of the biggest concerts in the Philippines so far.

On a more serious note, the issue will also delve on the rise of P-Pop and the dark side of the K-Pop industry. Sounds like a very interesting read right? Grab your copy now for only P95 from leading bookstores and magazine outlets!

Thanks to Universal Records for the photo.


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  1. YGchAElee says:

    is it now available??

  2. […] 2NE1 photo that has been featured on the cover MYX Magazine and Most Wanted Hits continues to make the rounds as it appears again – this time, on the 2nd […]

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