Sorry if I missed posting about I Am Legend which started airing on ABS-CBN2 every weekdays at 10:30pm. It’s not because I missed it on purpose but because I didn’t expect the drama to get the timeslot which I believe should have gone to My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (Ok, I was also in Boracay so I totally wasn’t watching local TV then).

I Am Legend stars Kim Jung-Eun as Solenn, a woman who is the envy of other women. After all, she is the wife of Jerrod, the best lawyer in Korea. Played by Kim Seung-Soo, Jerrod is a very ambitious lawyer who even has plans of entering politics. His life with Solenn is one of wealth and power. This is why many consider them to be the perfect couple. However, what many do not know is that their marriage is on the rocks. Jerrod and his mom treat Solenn condescendingly because of her humble background. What’s more, Jerrod is actually cheating on his wife with a colleague in the office. But all these dirt remain hidden from the public.

Things take a nasty turn though, when Solenn finally wakes up one day and realizes that she has had enough abuse. She files for divorce and tries to rekindle her dreams of becoming a rock star. Amidst the protests and threats of Jerrod and his family, Solenn calls on her old bandmates to create The Comeback Madonna Band. In the process, she bumps into Tristan, played by Lee Joon-Hyuk. Solenn used to be “the number one fan” of Tristan when he was still a big star during their university days. So she cannot help but spazz when he offers to help them out.

This drama is actually my biggest disappointment in 2010. It had so much potential to be great. It’s premise was so rich and inspiring – an upper-class woman imprisoned by her marriage breaks free to become a rock diva – now who wouldn’t enjoy that. Kim Jung-Eun plays her part brilliantly as she makes her character as Solenn someone you can empathize with. After all, it’s so easy to dismiss her and just say that she’s got everything already, stop whining.

Kim Seung-Soo adds acting chops as well with his incredibly infuriating portrayal of Jerrod. Watch out because you might eventually go from hating his character to loving him. I know a lot of Korean viewers who ended up doing so. As for Lee Joon-Hyuk, his Tristan isn’t meaty enough for him to really give him some dimension. He just seems too aloof and cold all the time. But what he does bring to the table is a lot of hotness – watch out when he sings this! Best K-Drama song…ever!

And just a major spoiler – there is a duet version of this between Solenn and Tristan!

Talking about the music, this is what makes the drama quite appealing and entertaining. What I love about the music is how it usually reflects the feelings of the characters. Each song was perfectly chosen to match the moment. And dare I say, there are a lot of good moments!

Too bad the plot never went anywhere. The divorce sucked up all the energy from what could have been a very impressive Korean drama. And let me just warn you guys: after the divorce, there’s more court (in)action. Still, I would watch I Am Legend to see the bits of what it could have been. It’s still quite enjoyable despite it’s flawed storytelling because of its premise. And of course, it’s music.

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