Dasuri Choi, the stunning choreographer behind K-Pop hits like Nobody, Abracadabra, and Mister will be offering K-Pop dance lessons starting May 16. Learn from the Korean dance goddess herself! Fees for 12 sessions are only at P3500!

Crap! I cannot dance to save my life so I guess I just will pass on this even if Dasuri will be teaching it! Too bad, I would have loved to spazz on her while she’s teaching. Or I could be the klutz who eventually learns the language of dance through her loving guidance! (Dream On! Ha ha ha!)

Anyway, contact Matt Flores through 09172576412 if you’re interested.

Thanks to K-Pop and Culture Fest for the photo.


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  1. […] of Dasuri Choi in a dancing workshop last May 8 — and my, does she look hot!!! As I posted HERE before, the former choreographer of the Wonder Girls is currently offering K-Pop Dance lessons. I […]

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