iWitness, the multi-awarded documentary and public affairs show on GMA7, will be doing a feature on the Hallyu Wave tonight at 11:30pm!

Sandra Aguinaldo takes everyone on an exclusive look at the world of Korean Dramas as she and her team meets some of the biggest names in Korean entertainment. These includes stars like Song Il-Goon (Jumong), Kim Hyun-Joong (Boys Over Flowers), Joo Won and  Eugene (Baker King).

Tonight’s episode will give a glimpse of the dazzling world of Korean Dramas and provide some insights on how Hallyu has been captivating not just the Philippines but the world all over. It will also showcase the beauty of Jeju Island, one of the most picturesque sights in Korea that has made it a favorite location for Korean movie and drama shoots.

I have to admit, I knew GMA7’s documentary team were good but I didn’t know they were this good. To be able to score interviews with top stars like Song Il-Goon or Eugene is no easy feat. So if you’re a Korean drama fan, this is one documentary you shouldn’t dare miss!

Thanks to for the video.


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