I just wanted to remind all the Cassies out there about the 8th fan gathering of Cassiopeia Philippines tomorrow at the Trade Hall of Starmall Edsa. The fan group is one of the most established and respected in K-Pop fandom. After all, Cassies have the most number of members worldwide and have even landed in the Guinness Book of World Records. What makes their loyalty to their bias even more amazing is how they’ve remained faithful even after DBSK lost three of its members. But on to happier things!

This event will also serve as the launch of DBSK’s A-Side and B-Side Collection Album in the Philippines! This impressive 4-disc collection features 45 Japanese releases from the group (after all, DBSK started all that Japan K-Pop wave and all), 10 songs not included in any of their previous albums, plus a compilation of 12 of their biggest hits. This is definitely a must-have for any Cassie!

Freebies include a DBSK poster and a DBSK memo pad (with three versions to choose from) atht will come with every purchase of the album.

Entrance fee is only P200. Of course, there will be all sorts of games, DBSK cosplay, K-Pop performances, and all. But the main reason to go to this event is because funnysexy Kring Elenzano, who is one of the founding mothers (Bwa ha ha ha!) of Cassiopeia Philippines will be hosting! She’s hilarious as hell and she knows DBSK shit like for real! ^^

Note: I wanted to borrow the old photo of Kring with the original Cassies in the first ever DBSK meet (Ha ha ha!) but I felt Jimmy Kim’s camera captured her inner diva much better! You can still check that out HERE for some DBSK fandom history.

Thanks to Universal Records and funnysexy for the photos.


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