Thanks to Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, the world now views Asian mothers in a way like never before (strict, uncompromising, hard as nails). So as Mother’s Day in the Philippines (May 8 ) comes closer, I wanted to post this to show how much different Asian moms are when it comes to their kids versus the myth perpetuated by the Tiger Mom.

All Asian moms that I know are very loving, caring, even if they can whip our asses badly when we are too naughty. They make really good packed lunch for us or give us lots of money for lunch if they don’t cook well (Ha ha ha!) We love them very much and the truth is, all Asian men are just grown-up Mama’s boys. Just like these guys below:

Choi Siwon

Lee Min-Ho

Gong Yoo

Jae Hee

Lee Dong-Wook

Kim Hyun-Joong

U-Know Yunho

Hero Jaejoong

And yes, even Joon! (^~^)

Thank you omma for being such a kind and loving mother to me for these past 26 years! I may never understand why you like Bae Yung-Joon, Kwon Sang-Woo, and Lee Byung-Hun or why you hate the girl of my dreams a.k.a. Kim Sun-Ah — but I love you nonetheless. 너무너무 사랑해요 어머니!!! ❤ Happy Mother’s Day! And I promise never to let you end up like Kim Hye-Ja in “Mother”! Ha ha ha!

Thanks to Tigermom for the photo and to for the video.


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