Tonight being the last I’m spending in Boracay, I dragged my friend to a nearby Korean restaurant in the island for dinner. Seoul Restaurant is this place near the Regency Hotel that serves authentic Korean food. It’s directly behind Shakey’s Restaurant and may look expensive from the outside (with brick walls, neon sign and all) but once you’re inside – it looks similar to other hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurants in Makati. So yes, I felt quite at home with the very warm interiors which even had this beautiful mural of a family wearing hanbok 한복 while playing yunnori 윷놀이, a traditional stick game.

On to the food – they served us 6 different kinds of banchan 반찬 or side dishes. Since this was an authentic Korean restaurant, the banchan of course, were totally refillable. Most of the 6 side dishes that they served were just ok, nothing particularly mouthwatering. However, their kimchi was very tasty! That was the only one we had refilled since I ended up eating a lot of it.

For the main dish, we ordered Samgyupsal 삼귶살 at P350 per serving. This surprised me since it’s the same price with the Korean restaurants that I frequent. As usual, the minimum order for Samgyupsal were two servings. When it arrived though, I was a bit disappointed since it only came with gireumjang 기름장 and  ssamjang 쌈장. For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, gireumjang is made with salt and sesame oil while ssamjang is made of pepper paste, soybean paste, and sesame oil. I like my samgyupsal with raw garlic, green onions, and sliced green chili pepper so it was a bit of a downer there.

The samgyupsal meat was ok, nothing too fancy. But the lettuce leaves weren’t leafy enough if you ask me. In any case, it’s hard to f*ck up samgyupsal unless you have really bad ingredients so I still ended up really enjoying my dinner and eating my fair share (which was practically two-thirds of it!).

Of course, the server cooked the samgyupsal meat for us. He even gamely posed for our camera while cooking. Since we’re talking about service, I’d have to say it wasn’t spectacular but was nonetheless quite efficient. He may not have been the most friendly person in the world, but our server definitely was attentive and even reminded us to refill our banchan – which I was very thankful for.

All in all, I’d have to say that Seoul Restaurant is a good place to visit if you’re looking for a no-frills Korean fix in Boracay. It offers you authentic Korean food and a homey ambiance at a price that is quite friendly on the pocket. I’ll definitely be back here next time I’m in Boracay for some piss-drunk soju drinking.


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