I was so busy preparing for my Boracay trip last week that I totally forgot posting about this really important event.

The 2011 Workshop on Copyright in the Philippines and Korea was held last April 28 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. The workshop not only gave a clear overview of the copyright situation in both countries but also served as a way to draw parallels and insights from the situations of each country. Prominent guests included Kyong Soo-Choe, Director General of Policy Research Division at the Korea Copyright Commission, and Seong Un-Hwang, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

There were two pairs of guest speakers who represented both Philippines and Korea. Seung Woo-Son, Assistant Professor of Law at the Dankook University College of Law & Public Administration, talked about general trends in the Korean copyright law. This was complemented by the talk from Atty. Andrew Michael Ong, who discussed the copyright trends in the Philippines.

This was followed by a talk on the copyright registration system in the Philippines from Atty. Louie Calvario. His Korean counterpart was no less than Jin Young-Choi, the Regional Director of the Korea Copyright Commission-Bangkok Office, who likewise gave a view of the copyright registration in Korea.

The succeeding breakout sessions also tackled very salient issues like how the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines can create more awareness about copyright among the public and establish a more culturally and economically balanced copyright system.

Thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for the photo.


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