If you’ve noticed the unusual late updates in this blog these past few days, please accept my sincerest apologies. Joon is on vacation in the white sandy beaches of Boracay! I’m booked in the Boracay Regency Hotel.  Here’s my room!

And of course, to make this relevant to my Korean blog – here’s what I’m watching! Lee Dae-Hae and Lee Dong-Wook in one of the best Korean romantic comedies, My Girl! 유린나! 사랑해~~~! (^~^)

Just to refresh all your memories, Lee Dae-Hae playsYoo-Rin, a street-smart tourist guide with a knack for lying. One day, she meets Lee Dong-Wook who plays the hotel chaebolGong Chan. His grandfather is lying on his deathbed and wishes to see his long-lost grand daughter. Gong Chan wants to fulfill this wish but cannot locate his cousin so he ends up paying the crafty Yoo Rin to pretend to be his missing niece. A whole bag of crazy ensues when this causes Gong Chan’s grandfather to recover quickly! Gong Chan and Yoo Rin are also drawn together by their fake relationship and romance with a whole lot of laughs in between ensues.

Apparently, Animax (which is on channel 35 in the hotel) is rebroadcasting the Filipino-dubbed version of the drama every 8pm and the original Korean every 12midnight on Tuesdays.


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