Tickets for David Choi’s Concert in Manila on June 24 and 25 are now available via Ticketworld! Prices are at P1545 for Center Orchestra, P1030 for Orchestra, and P875 for Balcony. Do note that the Center Orchestra and Orchestra tickets are reserved seating whereas the Balcony is on a first come, first seated basis.

It’s interesting to note that as early as now, only limited tickets are available for the show. This doesn’t mean that the tickets are sold out already, a lot of them are just reserved as of now. So fellow fans, let’s all catch this cool guy’s show! I’ll be watching on both nights so see you all there! (^~^)

Reserve your tickets by clicking HERE or visiting any Ticketworld outlet.

Thanks to Ticketworld for the photo.


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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. Rowjie says:

    Woah! I love David Choi! I want to watch his concert! Thanks for the info. 🙂

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